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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Frank Sinatra said to late singer George Michael that talent must not be wasted. It is clearly that when we can't handle talent so well, it will be a trash. In 2017, I will remember this message. It will be influence me in a whole year. I won't waste my talent: writing as my friends said that writing is a talent. I will work so hard to make my dream comes true. So, this is my #2017NewYearResolution. Happy new year everyone, I hope we all live in peaceful world.*Lily Kasim*

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Selena Gomez Speech

Selena entered my life in the middle of my messy life. I think she was too. If she mentioned as an absolutely broken girl, I am noticed as an absolutely broken lady. You know that we have same situation in different triggers.

I met her in the internet, when I asked google who was the most beautiful woman in the world. Google said that she is the queen! Then, I looked her over the internet, and followed her in instagram, twitter, youtube, and official website. I spent a lot of time to see her stages, speeches, and positive activities. Sometimes, her negative, too. 😅

Actually, I don't really care about her roman with Bieber, because I think it is easy to find one, two, three, or some men for beautiful woman like her. 😄 But, the heart wants what it wants. Her song tell us it is hard to forget our previously precious lover. They grew together. It took a long time for her to move on. The pain was so deep and drama was so real. Maybe, she was so honest with all of us about her feelings.


A week later, she announced that she cancelled all of her rest world's revival tour to deal with lupus related depression and maybe some non disclosure problems. It is not drama anymore! It is about life like other people. But, sometimes, we don't realize that she is only human. We don't hear her feelings carefully and we think that her life is so easy for everything she had. We forget that famous has the disease, too.


She was absent from the spotlight for long time. But, in October 9th, she resurfaced in Tennessee and took selfie with fans. I was so happy when knew the fact. It was around my birthday and it was like a gift for me. She look happier and healthier at that day. In my mind, I just see her like a kid. I am sorry, Selena! But, I am so respect you. 😅

I don't know why I am so connected to her. At that time, I just knew her for a month, and maybe 5 months until now. But, my feelings are so related with her. Then, I put me as one of selenators in all my social media platform like teenager to support her! LOL. My friend was so confused with my bizzare behavior. Previously, I never care about any celebrities! I just explained to my friend that I was in pain, like her, but she was so honest with her feelings. I don't! My pain grows so big and I should stop it right now. I must honest with all of my feelings and give the best thing of me to grow and forgive everything.

Around a month later...

Negative publication about Selena came from rehab facility when papparazi caught she was smoking at the smoking area. For, this issue, I want support Selena as physician. Please, quit smoking my Mija! It is not good for your health. I want you to stay healthy. If I have enough money, I will build a website for helping people quit smoking [in Bahasa]. It will be dedicated to you. Look, how selenator is so inspired with you, Mija! I hope this message touch down to your smartphone and you might hear my purpose. Please, Mija. But, forgive me if I am wrong..😄

3 months she disappeared, and she came back at AMA 2016 as Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock. She deserved it. I voted her every time I could! I supported her a lot in order she knew that a whole of the world support her. She delivered very emotional speech. I was very happy, she came. I hope she was happy too.


I was waiting her instagram come back, then she took photo 2 days ago reflecting her respect to fans. She is a heartwarming idol I know. She loves her family. I missed the moment she took photo of her nana and papa. It is so adorable. I am also happy when she took photo her little sister Gracie and goodson Ayden. Knowing that her best friend is her cousin was amazing. She is naturally family woman.

I think she wrapped it all and deal with problems. It is better that silent. Because, silence is like a cancer grows. Post everything you want to post, Selena! Do everything you want to do every time! Say anything you want to say. Let the lovers remain the lover. We do not need the hate in any forms!

Finally, I insert her speech here in order to remember the momen when I want to revive like her!

This girl will fulfill a half of my heart, and I will support her for everything she does for better life. I love you, Selena! All the best. Happy weekend, guys.*Lily Kasim*

I will so busy to learn English for better life, and I will post my story in English sometimes to improve my TOEFL and or IELTS score

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Do The Plan

Target: trip to aussie

Something should be prepared:
3. GRE (maybe)

Time: max end of 2017

Funding: award or grant or website

Pray and extra works
Finding sponsorship or make the project more pronounce

May Allah bless me